Our story

Each plant has an exceptional shape, color and conditions in which it can live and thrive. We create pots and bowls so that they blend in with the plant and remind it of its original habitat and domestic place.

We enjoy creating beautiful homes not only for your plants.

Every single story begins with an idea, a first word, a sentence, and it takes a long time before someone buys the book at a bookstore or brings it to you as a gift. We started writing our story many years ago and today we know we will never end. Every artist knows this but no work is the same as the previous one, rather each one requires a thought, inspiration and enthusiasm.

We have been producing bowls for almost twenty years now, and all the while we try to find a conjunction between the needs of plants and the requirements of the most demanding growers, but also those who like to be surrounded by precious things. Therefore we try to ensure that our products are not only a home for plants but also a significant addition to your home.

We are constantly amazed at the incredible effort and creativity with which nature can surprise and return to where one would have given up long ago.

We believe that every plant deserves a second home, just like a human. We rely on the quality of the material and the unique processing of every single bowl that passes through our hands and it is not only one pair of hands. Each one must be taken 100 or more times into our hands before the actual burning takes place.

For this, you won't find two identical bowls with us, each one is original and unique. Even if we supply a larger number of bowls, there will always be a slight differences in color, patina or shape.

The non-traditional shapes of our bowls are inspired by nature, especially the landscape of the Bohemian Paradise, where our workshop is located.

Thanks to the firing of the clay at a temperature exceeding 1.200 ℃ / 2.200 ℉ and slow cooling, the bowls are frost-resistant, heat-resistant (in the case of lamps), strong and resistant to mechanical damage or abrasion. This is achieved by maximum fusion of the shard.

All bowls and other products are also original thanks to the unique shades of colors, which are achieved by applying different glazes and pigments several times so that they imitate the natural look as faithfully as possible.

And if you find yourself wondering which bowl to pick, we will gladly lend you a hand with choosing a bowl for your demanding plant or a pot already fitted with a plant so that it meets the conditions necessary for satisfied vegetation and at the same time is a harmonious supplement to your home, terrace, garden or office.